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My Services

My MISSION STATEMENT is to provide a professional counseling and life coaching services to help you gain the awareness, skills, motivation, and direction to achieve your goals.

My BELIEF is to start where you are, addressing the issues that impact you most.

My LOGO is a Compass Rose that signifies direction with a person at its heart, a reminder that the individual is always at the center of what they do.

Counseling Therapy or Life Coaching Services 


I provide all new clients with a comprehensive  assessment to determine if they need counseling/therapy or life coaching. It is important for you to know the differences so that you can make the best decision for your needs. Please review my Counseling and my Life Coaching  service pages.

     According to *Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCC, "Therapy is vital for those with psychological problems or what we call pathology. Coaching is for those who are healthy and already self-motivated. Both fields have their place and should not be confused. For advanced therapy patients (major issues resolved), coaching can be an additional benefit, but coaching assumes the healing and well-being of it's clients as a given."

     There are similarities between counseling/therapy and life coaching. Both work to enable clients to make positive changes in their lives and become more productive. While therapists diagnose and treat from a healthcare perspective, not all therapy clients are ill; many healthy people seek the services of both therapists and life coaches. This is why I would not do life coaching without a background in therapy. There are many life coaches that are doing therapy with clients, but are not trained or experienced to do so.

     Insurance companies cover only diagnosed mental heath problems specified in the DSM-5 diagnostic manual; therefore life coaching is not covered by insurance companies. Listed below is a quick glance at the basic differences between counseling/therapy and coaching.

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